Making an Appointment

To make an initial appointment with a counselor, call 704‑687‑0311 or stop by CAPS, located on the first floor of the Atkins Building which is accessible through the entrance on the east side of the building (facing Belk Plaza). Please let us know if you have accessibility needs.

Office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

QuadIf you are a currently-enrolled student you are eligible for an initial appointment with a counselor in order to assess your needs and plan an appropriate course of action. If you and your counselor mutually decide that you might benefit from additional counseling, you may continue individual counseling, participate in group or couples counseling, or seek a referral to a mental health professional outside the University.

Students seeking services during the summer term but who are not enrolled during the summer must have been enrolled in the previous spring semester and pre-registered for the following fall semester. Persons who withdraw, graduate, or otherwise end their enrollment are no longer eligible for services. The Center for Counseling and Psychological Services can assist students who are not eligible for services with referrals to community providers.

There is no charge for any Services at CAPS.
Your first appointment, called the intake session, will involve an evaluation of your needs and time to discuss your present concerns. This session will help both you and the counselor decide how CAPS might best match with your needs. These services may consist of individual or group counseling or psychiatric services at CAPS or a referral to an on-campus or off-campus service that may be appropriate to your needs. If it is mutually decided that additional sessions at the CAPS are needed, you will be assigned to a staff counselor, who may or may not be the same person you saw for your intake. Individual counseling sessions typically last 45 to 50 minutes and group therapy sessions are typically 90 minutes weekly.

Additional sessions may be scheduled in consultation with your intake counselor. Your counselor may or may not be the same person you saw for your intake. Counseling sessions are typically scheduled weekly and last forty-five to fifty minutes. During an early visit with your assigned counselor, you will work on establishing goals for counseling and the approximate number of sessions you will attend.

CAPS provides time-limited, solution-focused counseling, which means the maximum number of individual sessions is limited. Please discuss the specific limits with your counselor. If longer term counseling is needed, your counselor can help you decide on an appropriate course of action. Longer term counseling is available in CAPS's Group Counseling Program and in various community resources.

Personal commitment to counseling is crucial for success. We encourage you to keep all appointments scheduled with your counselor. If you must miss a session due to illness or an emergency, please call the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services at 704‑687‑0311 to cancel the appointment as far in advance as possible. More than one cancellation during the course of your individual counseling may decrease the total number of sessions which you may have at the Center before reaching the session limit.

If you fail to show for an appointment without calling in advance, you must call CAPS to reschedule within 48 hours or you may be placed on a waiting list for further service.