Group Counseling

The CAPS offers both structured, theme-centered groups as well as interpersonal group counseling designed to help students achieve personal growth and development, discuss interpersonal issues or difficulties, and try out new ways of behaving. In group therapy, approximately six to ten people meet with two trained group therapists.

Group counseling helps members learn more about the way they interact with others in a caring and trusting environment. These groups generally meet for the entire semester for one and one half hours each week, so members get to know each other well and feel supported and understood by each other. If you have ever received gentle feedback from a best friend, knowing that you needed to hear it and it was given with caring and compassion, you know a bit about what it feels like to be in a therapy group.

group counseling

Groups also tend to provide a lot of positive feedback and a sense of humor about struggling through hard times, so members look forward to attending group each week. Members find it meaningful to help each other and provide support to other students, as well. During group therapy, people begin to realize that although they might appear diverse on the surface, they experience similar feelings and are not alone in their struggles. It is validating and encouraging to know that other people have similar difficulties, and to learn how others have reacted and coped with difficulties like anxiety or depression.

Come by Atkins 158 or call 704‑687‑0311 to sign up for a pre-group meeting after an initial session with a counselor. 

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Summer 2017 Groups

Interpersonal Counseling Groups

These groups require a 30-minute pre-group meeting with group leaders.  Contact CAPS to make an appointment to speak to a counselor about your interest in group.

  • Interpersonal Summer
    Thursdays: 1:00-2:30 PM

    Group Leaders:  Katie Pesch, M.S. & Nara Nazari, M.S.

Themed Structured Groups

Please call or stop by the Center for more information about joining.

  • Veteran's Group
    Wednesdays: 1:00-2:30 PM, May 24 - July 19   Location:  VSO, Barnard 108

    This group provides student veterans support on the transition from military to civilian and university life.  This discussion group, facilitated by Counseling Center staff, will include specific topics such as issues of identity (e.g., service branches, gender, patriotism) barriers on campus, and promoting social support for one another.
    Group Leaders:  Libby Malone, Ph.D. & Katie Pesch, M.S.

  • Social Confidence
    Wednesdays: 1:00-2:30 PM,  May 31 - July 26
    Do you ever feel anxious when meeting new people, dating, going to a party or meeting, or approaching professors?  High levels of social anxiety can negatively impact your relationships and even affect your classroom experiences and academic success.  This group focuses on identifying fears related to social situations and provides psychological education, support, and the opportunity to develop skills to manage a variety of social situations and increase your social confidence.
    Group Leaders:  Aaron Brink, Psy.D. & Daniela Recabarren, Ph.D.
  • Multicultural Women Empowerment Group
    Thursdays:  3:00-4:30 PM, June 1 - July 20

    This group will discuss issues of cultural identity and the impact that it has on the balance of work/academic/personal relationships in a supportive and empowering environment.  There will be a focus on issues related to power, privilege, and oppression.  Discussions may include perceptions of competence, disparities, and identity development as they relate to physical and emotional health.
    Group Leaders:  Jarice Carr, M.S. & Nara Nazari, M.S.