Graduate Assistantships and Practicum Training

Graduate Assistantships

Two 20-hour per week graduate assistantships are currently available at the Counseling Center each academic year.  Doctoral-level students in the Counseling and Clinical Health Psychology programs are eligible to apply for the assistantship.  Assistantships begin in fall semester and conclude at the end of the following spring semester.  There is an option for a renewal for a second year, dependent upon curricular needs of the graduate student, program approval, and satisfactory performance of assistantship responsibilities.  The current stipend is $20,000 per year.

Practicum Training

Doctoral-level students in the Counseling and Clinical Health Psychology programs are eligible to do a practicum placement in the Center.  Practicum placements typically begin in the fall semester and continue through the spring semester.  Students in practicum see five to eight clients per week and receive individual supervision from a licensed staff member and a predoctoral intern as well as group supervision and the opportunity to participate in staff development activities.  Interested students should discuss their interest with faculty members in their department prior to applying.  Applications for practicum are to be submitted to the Practicum Coordinator in the Counseling Center.

Clinical Social Work Training

One  field placement opportunity is available for a student in the Master’s of Social Work program.  Second-year M.S.W. students who have an interest in clinical social work are eligible to apply.  The social work field placement is a supervised, unpaid clinical training experience grounded in a developmental model that draws from a general understanding of clinical skill development and attention to individualized supervision and professional development.  The goal of the field placement is to provide a structured learning experience that is tailored to the developmental needs and clinical interests of individual social work students.  The students are exposed to a variety of theoretical perspectives and clinical issues and they participate in a number of activities that facilitate the development of their clinical skills and their identity as social workers.  Social work students will be supervised by a licensed clinical social worker who is a member of the senior staff during both fall and spring semesters.  During the spring semester, the social work student may receive supplemental clinical supervision by a pre-doctoral psychology intern under the supervision of a licensed senior staff member.  Applications for this position are to be submitted to the Coordinator of Field Education in the Department of Social Work.