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Our Outreach Mission



In support of the overall mission of CAPS, the Outreach component of our services strives to facilitate the holistic development of students including their academic, emotional, psychological, and interpersonal development.  Furthermore, we seek to influence and enhance the overall campus climate with our campus partners to promote optimal wellness and health.  This area is committed to providing prevention, awareness, education, and stigma reduction of mental health treatment through the extension of CAPS beyond the traditional “therapy walls” to the campus as a whole.  Guided and driven by a commitment to social justice, and with a multicultural and developmental focus on overall student well-being, our outreach services include psycho-educational programming, training, panel discussions, liaison relationship building with other campus department and units, and providing emotional support and a supportive presence at campus events.



Examples of topics presented to the campus community include, but are not limited to:

  • Adjustment to college
  • Anxiety management
  • Communication skills
  • Development of healthy relationships
  • Body image awareness and disordered eating prevention
  • Healthy sexual functioning
  • Issues relevant to specific campus communities (e.g. first generation students; international students; LGBTQ students; students of color; military veterans )
  • Mindfulness
  • Resilience development
  • Sexual assault and relationship violence prevention
  • Suicide prevention

These and other topics are available by request.  DUE TO THE HIGH DEMAND ON OUR SERVICES, WE ASK FOR A MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS NOTICE FOR ALL OUTREACH REQUESTS AND 3-4 WEEKS NOTICE FOR ALL EVENING AND WEEKEND REQUESTS.  DURING PEAK TIMES OF THE SEMESTER WE MAY REQUIRE MORE ADVANCE NOTICE TO BE ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE.  Submit requests on the form found at https://caps.uncc.edu/outreach-and-educational-programs/request-outreach-program.  Please contact the outreach coordinator by email at Outreach@uncc.edu if you have questions or need additional information.