Service Activities

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy
Each semester, the postdoctoral fellow schedules an average of fifteen individual clients per week.  A short-term approach is utilized at the Counseling Center, with students receiving a maximum of twelve sessions per academic year.  Exceptions to these parameters are granted through a case review and consultation with supervisors and postdoctoral fellows may choose to see two clients on a longer-term basis.

Intake Interviews and On-Call/Crisis Coverage
Our Center provides daily intake and on-call coverage to assess new clients, manage crises, and to provide consultation to the university community. The postdoctoral fellow participates in this important service by providing three to four hours of intake per week. Intakes involve meeting with each client, obtaining a brief history, assessing current needs, and making decisions about the appropriate assignment of the case. The postdoctoral fellow also participates in on-call coverage on a weekly basis during which they are available for crisis/walk-in appointments and consultation with students, staff, faculty, and others.

Group Counseling
During the year, postdoctoral fellows have the opportunity to co-facilitate a psychotherapy group with a senior staff member, a structured/theme-oriented group, or both. Group offerings are updated each semester and current groups are available on our Group Counseling page.

Outreach and Consultation
The postdoctoral fellow will have opportunities to participate in outreach and consultation activities, depending on the fellow’s interest and University need. Fellows are expected to average 1-2 hours of outreach per month. Examples of possible outreach/consultation activities include programming in residence halls, presentations in classrooms, programming in conjunction with the Student Health Center, and programming or consultation with student groups.

Supervision of Beginning Practicum Students
The postdoctoral fellow will be responsible for providing primary individual supervision to the beginning practicum students throughout the fall and spring semesters. The postdoctoral fellow will supervise between two and four beginning practicum students each year. For most beginning practicum students, this will be their first practicum and they will see approximately 1-3 clients per week. The postdoctoral fellow will also design and facilitate the Beginning Practicum Seminar. The seminar will meet weekly for one hour and will include didactic presentations, case presentations, and group/peer consultation.  

Training Committee
The postdoctoral fellow will serve on the Training Committee throughout the year and attend monthly meetings. The Training Committee focuses on developing and enhancing policies, procedures, and documents related to the various levels of training in the Counseling Center.