Training and Professional Development Activities

Clinical Supervision
The postdoctoral fellow is supervised two hours per week in a face to face meeting by a licensed senior staff psychologist.  The fellow may choose to work with one supervisor for the entire year, or choose to work with a different supervisor the second six months of the year.

Supervision of Training and Supervision
The postdoctoral fellow will meet weekly for one hour with a licensed senior staff psychologist who will supervise the provision of supervision and training to beginning practicum students. This supervision will also serve as a place to develop the Beginning Practicum Seminar, explore theoretical and practical issues related to supervision, and get mentorship on working as a trainer/supervisor.

Professional Development Seminar
The postdoctoral fellow participates in the bi-weekly all staff professional development seminar. These seminars include case presentations as well as presentations on current issues in the field of psychology as they relate to the college student population. The postdoctoral fellow will have the opportunity to present a clinical case or other professional topic during the year. 

Group Training/Case Conference
The postdoctoral fellow participates in the bi-weekly group leaders’ case conference, which provides supervision of group therapy. Trainees and staff members use the case conference format to process their experiences of group leadership and focus on ways of developing and refining group leadership skills.

Practicum Supervisor’s Meeting
During the fall semester, the postdoctoral fellow participates in a bi-weekly meeting of staff members who are currently supervising practicum students. The goal of the meeting is to provide and receive peer consultation around supervisory issues, facilitate continued professional growth, and provide a space to explore personal development as a supervisor.