How to Apply

Internship applicants must have completed at least one year of supervised practica, all required doctoral coursework, and comprehensive examinations in counseling or clinical psychology and have successfully completed their dissertation proposal meeting.. We prefer candidates who have had a practicum placement in a university counseling center, and who share a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The deadline for applications for the 2018-2019 class is November 1, 2017.
This year the application process will occur online. See the APPIC website for more details and instructions. We will not accept any paper materials.

The electronic application includes: 

-  Completed AAPI
-  Curriculum vita
-  Cover letter explaining interest in this site, how this internship fits with your experience & training goals, how your experience would contribute to our program & how this training experience fits with your longer-term career goals.
-  Three letters of recommendation, at least two of which address your recent clinical experience.

We participate in the computer match program through National Matching ServicesOur match number is 141111. Intern applicants who wish to participate in this match must complete and send to NMS an "Applicant Agreement" form, which can be obtained from the NMS website. Just click on "Applicant Registration" and you will be taken to a form where you can request an application online.

Our Center agrees to abide by the APPIC Internship Offers and Acceptance Match Policies (April 10, 1999), specifically, that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant. A copy of these policies may be obtained from the NMS website.

In compliance with employment policies of the state of North Carolina, interns matched with our site are required to participate in pre-employment background checks. Applicants for consideration will be sent a Disclosure and Authorization Statement with information and signature to facilitate this process. The checks will be conducted by an agency contracted by the University and the results will be considered before hiring decisions are final. Applicants who match to our program but do not successfully pass the background check will be dismissed from internship (see APPIC Match Policy 6b). Applicants are welcome to discuss any questions about this procedure with the Training Director.

The internship is a twelve month full-time position that begins in early August. Salary will be $26,000 for the 2017-2018 year. Benefits include medical coverage, sick leave, eleven university holidays and 24 days of vacation per year for which payout at the end of the year of half the days not taken. Interns have private offices with telephone and computer (with Internet access), library privilege, and access to the University computer system for statistical analysis. Some financial support and leave time for professional development is also available.

 Internship Admissions, Support and Initial Placement Data


Date Program Tables are updated: September 1



Psychology Internship Program Admissions

CAPS-Center for Counseling and Psychological Services at University of North Carolina Charlotte considers applicants for our three doctoral internship positions must be from APA accredited counseling or clinical programs. Applicants must be in good standing with their academic departments, must have a defended dissertation proposal, have completed their course requirements, have at least 500 hours of direct services experience with adults, and have completed their comprehensive exams by the time of application. Applicants should be prepared to work with clients presenting with moderate psychopathology and to see clients presenting with a wide range of clinical diagnoses (ex: mood and anxiety disorders, interpersonal or personality disorder traits, trauma or abuse recovery, relationship concerns, body image disturbance, adjustment disorders, and identity issues including sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural identity, etc.). Applicants must be comfortable working with a diverse student population. College counseling experiences is preferred, but not required. The internship positions are for twelve months, beginning early August and ending 52 weeks later. We are interested in and committed to having a diverse training group as part of our overall commitment to diversity in training and clinical services.

Our Statement on Diversity

CAPS aspires to create a safe, affirming, accepting and welcoming environment that embraces human diversity. We understand diversity to include, but not be limited to: race, ethnicity, language, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and socioeconomic status. We are committed to serving students and the campus community at UNC Charlotte by striving for social justice through increasing awareness of the effects of oppression, prejudice, and discrimination.


Our training program's evaluation procedures are extensive and comprehensive and are used as the basis of summary evaluation letters that are sent to DCT’s of intern academic programs in order to provide on- going progress data for interns during the training year.  Full descriptions of the evaluation process can be found in the Intern Training manual. 



 Financial and Other Benefit Support for Upcoming Training Year



Annual Stipend/Salary for Full-time Interns $26, 000

Program provides access to medical insurance for interns? Yes

Trainee contribution to cost required No

Coverage of family member(s) available? Yes

Coverage of legally married partner available? Yes

Hours of Paid Personal Time Off (PTO and/or Vacation) 24 days

Hours of Annual Paid Sick Leave 12 days

In the event of medical conditions and/or family needs that

require extended leave, does the program allow reasonable unpaid

leave to interns in excess of personal time off and sick leave? Yes


Other Benefits:

11 University Holidays

$100 professional development money

Available and/or optional:

Dental Insurance

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance


The annual stipend for Psychology Interns is $26,000. Interns are classified as full-time exempt staff and are eligible for the university health care/benefits package. If significant changes in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act are implemented in the future, interns will most likely be reclassified as non-exempt staff and would earn an hourly wage. All exempt staff are given 11 holiday/bonus days, 24 vacation days and 12 sick days per year. Interns need to be mindful of the 2,000 hour internship requirement when considering how to use their personal time off.



Initial Post-Internship Positions



Total # of interns who were in the 3 cohorts                                  9

Total # of interns who did not seek employment because                              

They returned to their doctoral program/completing their             1



                                                                             Post Doc             Employed

Community Mental health center



Federally qualified health center



Independent primary care facility/clinic



University counseling center



Veterans Affairs medical center



Military health center



Academic health center



Other medical health center



Psychiatric Hospital



Academic university/ department



Community college or other teaching setting



Independent research institution



Correctional facility



School district/system



Independent practice setting



Not employed



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