Professional Development Activities

Interns engage in a variety of formal and informal professional development activities throughout the internship year.  These activities include:

Professional Development Seminar
Bi-weekly, all staff members (senior staff, interns, and practicum students) meet for 1-1/2 hours for professional development. These meetings include case presentations, discussions of recent clinical literature (both research- and theory-based), and presentations by outside speakers (recent topics have included use of the NEO-PI, supervision, and eating disorder issues). Interns participate in staff in-service training by writing up and presenting cases for discussion and by practices job talks associated with their dissertation research.

Training Support
Group Interns meet as a group with the Training Director every other week to discuss issues related to their experiences over the course of the year. Common topics include how to move into the role of a professional, job search strategies and licensure issues, dealing with difficult clients, and how to manage paperwork demands.

Research, Professional Writing, and Presentations
The internship sets aside four hours per week for work on doctoral dissertations, research related to Counseling Center services, and preparation for presentations to professional groups.|

Staff Meetings
Interns participate in weekly meetings of the professional staff throughout the year.

Interns may be assigned to some committee work within the Counseling Center or the Division of Student Affairs, depending on the needs of the Division and the interests of the intern. Interns participate in the recruitment and selection process of the following year's intern group by reviewing applications and by having contact with prospective intern applicants.  Examples of other committee assignments include the multi-disciplinary Eating Disorder Treatment team.