Training Activities

Counseling Center staff members are committed to providing quality supervision. Interns are supervised closely and in a number of formats.

  • Individual Supervision: Each intern is supervised two hours per week by a licensed senior staff psychologist. To allow exposure to alternative styles, interns switch supervisors at midyear. While we believe that our training program satisfies the requirements for licensure in most states, it is the responsibility of the intern applicant to contact the licensing boards in the states in which they desire to practice to determine the specific requirements for supervision.
  • Case Conference: For one hour each week, interns meet as a group with a senior staff member who provides additional supervision in a case-presentation format.  
  • Intern Training Seminar: Interns meet weekly with staff for more in-depth training on clinical topics of interest and relevance to a counseling center population. Typical topics include developmental issues in college students; interpersonal treatment of depression; cognitive treatment of anxiety; substance abuse; sexual assault and working with individual and cultural diversity.  
  • Assessment Seminar: Interns meet biweekly and obtain didactic and experiential training in therapeutic assessment, using testing data to inform therapy.  Interns are required to complete four assessment batteries during their internship year.  Each test battery will include a minimum of two testing instruments.  
  • Multicultural Seminar: The goals of the multicultural seminar are to enhance the development of core competencies in working with clients from diverse perspectives related to culture, race, class, sexual orientation, gender, spiritual affiliation, and ability. The seminar will focus on many areas, including counselor self-awareness, awareness of other cultural perspectives, and the exploration and development of culturally sensitive interventions, strategies, and techniques. Self-awareness in this context includes worldviews, cultural/ethnic/racial identity, values and belief systems, attitudes, levels of acculturation and social justice advocacy in clinical practice.  
  • Supervision of Group Therapy:  Interns meet weekly with their senior staff co-therapist to process their groups. Additionally, all group leaders meet weekly to discuss group progress, issues common to the various therapy groups and group therapy readings.  
  • Supervision of Supervision:  During Spring semester, interns meet for 90 minutes per week with a senior staff member. These meetings involve case management, discussion of assigned readings and discussion of personal and professional issues that arise as a result of doing supervision.