Forms and Documents

The "Client Consent for Counseling" form is read and signed by all students before they see a counselor for the first time.  This form explains your rights and responsibilities as a counseling client and informs you of important Center policies and procedures.  You are encouraged to ask your counselor any questions you have about this information before discussing the issues you want to address. The Telehealth Consent form is read and signed by all students wishing to speak to a counselor over the phone or video.

Students who are referred to or from a provider in the Student Health Center are asked to sign a form that authorizes the Counseling Center, Center for Wellness Promotion, and Student Health Center to share relevant information to ensure continuity of care.

In order for the staff of the Counseling Center to share information about you with others, your written consent is required on our "Authorization to Release Confidential Information" form. This form should only be used in collaboration with a counselor after discussing your specific need to release information.  

The Counseling Center abides by its Academic Policies when students request the Counseilng Center write a letter of support for academic accommodations because of personal or mental health issues.

Faculty, staff, and student leaders who would like to request an educational program facilitated by a Counseling Center staff member can do so by submitting the Outreach Request Form

The Interpersonal Violence Resource Guide can assist students who need support and information about choices for responding to experiences of interpersonal violence such as sexual assault, stalking, or abuse.