Consultation Services for Faculty, Staff, Parents, and Concerned Others

In addition to providing personal and group counseling services, Counseling & Psychological Services provides consultation services to faculty, staff, parents, and students.

Consultation services include:

One-on-one consultation with faculty and staff members as well as parents and fellow students concerning ways to respond to student problems.

Gatekeeper Training for Faculty and Staff. Faculty and staff members or departments interested in learning more about how to identify, respond to, and refer students in distress or at risk for suicide or other major mental health issues can call CAPS at 704‑687‑0311.

Our "gatekeeper training" programs include the following:

Campus Connect: A Suicide Prevention Training for Gatekeepers is a 3-hour, experientially-based gatekeeper training program for college and university faculty, staff, and students.  Group consultations with departments or entities, focused on specific concerns or traning goals, are also available on request.

Dissemination of information about campus and community resources and referral procedures.

Crisis response when special needs arise due to situation concerns or campus-wide crisis events.

Concerned About a Student?   This section of this website  may be helpful to you if you are concerned about a student and want suggestions about how to respond.  Staff from the Counseling Center will be glad to talk with you personally about the suggestions contained in this document.

Individuals interested in consulting with a counselor or discussing gatekeeper training should contact the Counseling Center at 704‑687‑0311.  Counselors are available during business hours each day.  For after hours consultations that cannot wait until the next business day, please contact UNC Charlotte Police and Public Safety at 704‑687‑2200 or see the "Need Help Now?" section of this website.