Individual Counseling

UNC Charlotte Counseling and Psychological Services offers brief individual counseling to assist students with personal concerns by helping them develop better coping strategies, resolve conflicts, and handle crisis situations. Students work with a counselor to identify goals and develop strategies for achieving those goals. Some common concerns addressed in individual counseling include depression, anxiety and stress, relationship issues, identity development, substance use problems, oppression-based trauma, and eating and body image issues. 

In order to serve all students, CAPS provides brief individual counseling, which typically lasts 4-6 sessions. Individual counseling sessions at CAPS are usually scheduled every two weeks. Students who would be best served by longer-term, open-ended, or weekly individual counseling can connect to a community provider through referral services. Because there is often high demand for counseling services, students who fail to show for two appointments without calling in advance or who cancel repeatedly may lose eligibility for continued services for the semester and be referred to off-campus resources.